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It’s 4:30 Friday afternoon in the summertime, beautiful day, sun shining about 78 degrees.  I just finished selling a car and my wife had a message for me to return a phone call right away.  I got the gentleman on the phone and he asked me what cars do you have around $6,000?  I listed off three nice ones we had on the lot and he replied “I will take the Taurus Wagon, can you bring it over to Bay City and I will bring you back?”   I said sure and asked his name.  I remembered he had been in a couple of weeks earlier and I had the chance to tell him in general about the cars and trucks we sold.  I had told him about the inspection we did, how at the time we were the first lot in the area to give a Carfax report with each car and that we put a 3 month 3,000 mile power train warranty on each vehicle with less than 100,000 miles.  He had not the seen the Taurus he just committed to.

A few minutes later I was on my way to Bay City, WI with the Taurus about eight miles away.  I arrived at his place about 5:15 pm.  He came out walked around the car and said “Looks good, can you take me to the credit union in Red Wing?”  I said “Sure but why don’t you drive it’s your car.”  I was concerned that the credit union closed at 5:30 but he assured me he had called and they would wait for him to get there.  On the way over he told me how he was impressed by how thorough we were with our inspection and the fact that we put warranties on the cars.  At that point I suggested to him that he could pay a little more and extend the warranty to 24 months and a total of 24,000 additional miles.  He said that sounded like a good idea let’s do that.  I don’t remember what the additional cost was but I do remember that because of extending the warranty we made an extra $600.

In other articles I have talked about add on sales and suggested selling, here one little 20 second pitch added $600 profit and gave the customer more peace of mind.  Suggest It, Get It!!!!

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