Telephones and Dollars - Business Development

Years and years ago I got a box of sales tapes from my uncle Jack.  One of the tapes was by famous business sales trainer Fred Herman on using the telephone.  There was a sentence that Fred taught on that tape that I adopted that really set me apart from most other sales and marketing people.  When calling a client after identifying yourself and your company asked this question using their name “John, is it convenient for you to talk for two minutes?” (Or whatever amount of time you need without being longer than you said).  Many times you can feel the positive reaction over the phone from the customer, they feel that you actually care about their time.  If it is not convenient for them ask when would be a good time to call back.

Showing your concern for your customer/client adds positively to the relationship.  At today’s pace it takes just a little more politeness and concern to really set yourself apart as a sales professional  who is genuinely concerned about your accounts as a person not just their business.  


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