Using a temp agency really helped us in finding the right employee!
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Hiring new employees  for your business can sometimes be a daunting task.  Will they be a good fit?  Are they reliable?  Will they get along with our current staff?  Will the job be right for them?  All questions we need to be concerned with as a manager.  If they don’t work out then we have to let them go, nobody likes that!  Taking time to outline in detail the job responsibilities and requirements helps greatly.  Sounds like simple advice, you would be surprised how many small businesses I have worked with that run an employment ad and only partially think through what they really are looking for.  Especially if looking for someone to fill a newly created position.

Try a Temp Agency.  Often times we would utilize our local Temp Agency.  This has become more and more common.  We would have the Temp Agency find the employee for us in a temp position for 30 to 45 days with the understanding that the position could turn into a something permanent.  This was a benefit to the employee as well to get a chance to see if they liked the work environment.  After the temporary time if we wanted to keep the worker we would pay the agency a fee to take on the employee permanently.  This fee was due if they stayed with us for at least 30 days.  

The agency we used was extremely proficient at screening applicants, only once did we have to end the temp period without hiring someone when we were looking.  We were fortunate to have hired a number of permanent good employees who stayed with us for years using this method.

It cost a little more up front but I’m convinced in the long run it was much more cost efficient and "Temptingly advantageous to both parties."


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