I didn't make any money on this deal but the nuns got their car and I did end up with the wine.  Red wine!!

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                                     The Nun With The Bottle

One Sunday morning about 11:45 I stopped by our car lot to get something from the office to use at home.  The lot was closed on Sundays because of state law there was no selling allowed.  As I was getting into my car to leave I noticed a gal looking at a car at the far end of the lot.  I walked over, greeted her and explained that we were not open on Sundays but I would be there on Monday and told her our hours.  I got in the car and as I was leaving I gave her a wave and thought to myself she sure does dress bland.

Monday afternoon she came into our office.  We started talking and I figured out why I thought she was dressed bland, she was a Carmelite Nun, wearing her street clothes.  She was put in charge of getting a new vehicle for their convent and had some very specific parameters.  Okay.  It had to be a station wagon, had to be all wheel drive and could not be white or red.   It couldn’t be white because their convent was way out in the country amongst the bluffs of the Mississippi River and you wouldn’t be able to see a white car very well against the snow in the winter.  That also explains the all wheel drive.  It was hilly and unpaved going up to the convent.  The car couldn’t be red because that would be too pretentious.  

At that time the only station wagons that were all wheel drive were either a Subaru or Audi.  I got to work trying to locate one and found a Subaru that a new car dealer, who was 70 miles away, was selling at retail.  I called, talked to the sales manager, explained to him that I was on a quest for the nuns, would he sell it to me at wholesale?  He did agree but I could tell he was thinking Tom where did you come up with this story?

Got the Subaru back to our lot, ran it through our inspection and although the brakes were legal there was not a lot of life left in the pads so I had the mechanics do a brake job.  So now it is Wednesday we have a car that should work well for them.  But... we are $1,000.00 over budget, that is with me selling it to them with what I have into it, making no money and the car is not red but it is burgundy.

Talked to my wife, we worked together at the lot and we decided that we would take $500.00 off the selling  price.  So I called Sister and before I could tell her she told me that her brother called last night and donated $500.00 towards the car.  Whoa!!!  Told her that my wife and I would take off the other $500.00.  Then, Sister there is one other thing the car is Burgundy, well let’s say it is wine colored, then I said “And we know that Jesus liked wine”.  She laughed but told me she would have to check with the Monsignor and see if that would be ok.  Twenty minutes later she called we had a deal.

Friday she came, dressed in her traditional habit with another nun and the Monsignor.  After the paper work was complete she said “Mr. Larson I have something for you” and handed me a bottle of Red Wine.




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