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                                          Two Miles Further

A few years ago while on a cruise we stopped at Saint-Martin.  The island is divided between the French and Dutch.  There were four of us and we decided to rent motor scooters to see the island.  In retrospect I would re-think that idea but luckily it did end well.  We headed north to the French section of the island and purposely got off the beaten path to enjoy the local flavor.  We were able to stop for lunch at a small bar which was a favorite of the locals and as we found out tourist hardly ever showed up here.  The hospitality was fantastic and they were so enthused to tell us about their island.  They were very proud of their selection of Anisette which of course we had to indulge.

After a sandwich and one last Anisette we headed north to a popular beach.  Popular was an understatement, this large beach was packed shoulder to shoulder with all kinds of activity.  We weren’t expecting quite such a crowd and it obviously showed on our faces as we stood there trying to decide if we were going to stay.  An American girl walked up to us and said “Not what you were expecting?  Did you want a quieter beach?”  She went on to give us directions to another beach that was only two miles away that she said would be more secluded.

We headed out, the directions were a little tricky but it was only two miles away and we found it.  What a difference!!!   A gorgeous pristine Caribbean beach that went on and on with about a half dozen people on it.  I never could figure out why there were so few people here.

I got to thinking how we only had to go two miles further and got more than we were looking for.  How many times while I was a manufacturer’s rep. I said I am going to make one more call even though I wanted to call it a day and made a successful sale.  One time while we had the car lot it is four o’clock in the afternoon with eight inches of new snow covering the cars.  No traffic on the street yet alone anyone coming to look at buying a car.  My wife decided to call it a day, there was no reason for both of us to remain there.  She asked if I was going to close early as a lot of other businesses in town had and I said no I’ll stick around until six and start plowing the lot.  Well guess what I sold and delivered a car.  It happened to be one we had inside, I didn‘t even have to clear the snow off it.

So now when I am trying to hit a goal many times I say “Just Two Miles Further!”