Hot Spot

Where is your Hot Spot?  When we had our used car lot there was a spot for a vehicle right next to our marquee.  If we had a vehicle that had been around too long or wasn’t getting any action we would move it to that spot and boom all of a sudden there was interest.  Too bad we couldn’t park all the cars in that one spot.  Rotating the cars on our front row always made our inventory look fresh and new.  The same is true of any type of inventory.

In our retail clothing store and the car lot it was amazing to see how the customers would gravitate towards the new items that had just arrived or in real estate the properties  most recently listed.  In the clothing store we had a set routine to always change the displays weekly in the Hot Spots.  Regular customers would see the outfits on display in these areas and comment “Oh you just got this in!”  Often times it was something we knew they had walked by multiple times in the previous weeks but it just hadn’t caught their eye where it was displayed.

Proper lighting is critical in the Hot Spots.  On the car lot lights from the marquee were aimed on the vehicle on display next to it at night.   In the store spotlights were trained on the clothing displays to add emphasis.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling clothes, cars, tools or candy maximize your Hot Spots!!

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