Dad I was wondering.  Why do you have such a big forehead?

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Dad, I Was Wondering?  -  Business Education

Years ago my wife my seven year old daughter, myself and our four year old daughter were at the dinner table.  The four year, who hardly ever talked said to me "Dad I was wondering?"  Well Nicole what were you wondering about?  “Dad, Why do you have such a big forehead”?  Whoa!!  Obviously referring to my receding hairline, well receded hairline, okay my baldness.  My wife and I looked at each other and smiled then I said “Nicole remember that new bike we talked about?  Forget it!!  No No I didn’t say that.  I explained to her that some men lose their hair and they end up with big foreheads.

I have used this story thousands of times while doing sales and marketing training seminars to let the group know that I hope I can handle just about any questions.  The beauty of my daughter’s question was there was no intimidation in asking.  As adults sometimes we hold back thinking our question is dumb or we missed something and we don’t want to embarrass ourselves to the point of not getting the information we need.

I remember early on in my business sales career at a sales meeting having a question and being reluctant to ask.  When I did summon up the courage to ask I was able to state it as “Would you please explain that part..... of the presentation again“?   It just seemed to be more general and I was able to get the answer.  Now days I am more straight forward and if my question were to embarrass me I just think about my big forehead.


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