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                                      "Wow Dad!!!!" - Perception

When I started as a manufacturer’s rep. I would leave for the week on Monday or Tuesday mornings and not return home until Friday evening during our busy selling season.  I wanted to fully utilize my time on the road to increase sales  so I wouldn’t have to be away from home any more than necessary.  When I first started out I needed to get new accounts to build up the business in the territory.  I most often grabbed lunch on the fly in between appointments, fast food.  Later I became better at nurturing myself and would try to have lunch with one of my accounts and eat better.

This particular week I returned home late on a Friday evening, my two young daughters and wife were already in bed.  I still had a welcoming committee though our Siberian Husky, Omar, was there to greet me when I walked in the door.  He was very protective of the household when I was gone.

Saturday mornings I would get up and make everyone breakfast.  The girls liked “Bunny Pancakes”, pancakes with rabbit ears added and chocolate chips as the eyes, mouth and nose.  After breakfast I told the girls I was going to unload my samples and clean out the car and we would all go to the park.  My five year old daughter asked if she could help.  Sure!

We got the back of the car cleaned out and moved to the front seat.  I opened the passenger side door and in the footwell was about three days accumulation of fast food bags and wrappers.  My daughter looked at that and said “Wow dad you get to go to McDonald’s a lot!!!”  In her eyes there was nothing better than eating at McDonald’s.

Later I got to thinking it is all in Perception.  What was just a matter of convenience for me was the greatest thing in the world to my young daughter.

I got to thinking that every once in while when we got our new clothing line samples there were pieces that I didn’t care for.  I learned quickly to still show those pieces with enthusiasm because there were customers and consumers that might like it.  Sure enough in certain markets those items would sell well.  Those items, like my daughter’s excitement for eating at McDonald’s,  can sometimes be winners it is all in Perception.


Perception - Marketing