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You Be the Judge

I needed more dealers for the long underwear line I was selling.  There was a ski shop at a ski area that I knew had been in business for a long time that I thought would do well selling our product, but I had never done business with them.  I talked to another representative who I knew was currently dealing with this shop.  He was emphatic that the owner was really tough to deal with.  I was just trying to be prepared for the presentation so I talked to another rep. about this account.  He re-iterated that the owner was tough to deal with almost to the point of being unreasonable.  Okay.  I set the appointment and met with the owner and his wife who was really the clothing buyer for the store.  I started out not by making a product presentation but by asking them what they needed from a new supplier.  As it turned out their main concern was to get the product shipped on time.  Their selling season was short and they were really frustrated by suppliers who shipped late.  I explained to them that I had a secretary who during the selling/shipping season tracked all of our orders and was in contact with the factory everyday to make sure our accounts got shipped.  Not only that, but if an issue did arise she would be pro-active and be in contact with them right away.

I told them that with our advertising campaign dealers were selling more of our long underwear than they anticipated.  What we will do is place an order for the amount of what you think you need, then we will place a backup order to be shipped 45 days later.  This way if the product is flying out the doors for you like I think it will you will have more coming in.  Two weeks before the second order is to be shipped my secretary will call to make sure you can use the additional product, if not you will be able to cancel with no penalty.  This way they had the opportunity to increase sales with no added risk of too much inventory.   Then I said “Let’s look at the line, if you like the product and I ship on time will you place an order?”  Their answer was “Yes”.

I did business with them for years and they were always most pleasant to deal with.  All they needed was reassurance that I was concerned about their business.


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