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You Did Good!!!!

I don’t know about you, well .... Yes I do!  We don’t compliment ourselves as often as we should.  Many times we are too tough on ourselves and need to step back and say “You know I really did a good job on that project”.  Learn from what we have done but don’t get hung up on I should have done it this way or that.  It turned out good/great be happy and take pride in it.

Maybe you can relate to this.  I tend to be a perfectionist to the point of being too critical and detrimental to myself.  I’ve worked on this a great deal over the last few years and you know what, it makes life a lot better and easier.  Sometimes Good is Good Enough, it doesn’t  always have to be perfect.

We talked about Nurture in the OPEN-UP sequence.  Nurture ourselves, our customers, co-workers and employees.  Compliments go a long way towards creating a positive attitude in the workplace.  I know many instances where a compliment to an employee had a long term effect on their outlook towards their job and in some cases their lives.  A true appropriate compliment to someone also impacts how well they view you.  Compliment yourself, compliment others and your days go better.