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Business Advice - You Need a Company Policy Manual

I recently did some work for two small restaurants and neither of them had a company policy manual.  One had twelve employees and one had about twenty.  No policy manual “Are you nuts?”  One had been in operation for fifteen years.  Whether you have one employee or 100,000 you need a company policy manual.  Good examples are available on the internet for FREE that can be easily modified for your business.

You can eliminate a huge percentage of employee issues by giving them your policy manual, it does not have to be elaborate, just to the point.  I used to pay my employees to read our manuals and sign off that they read it.  Depending on the business our manuals were short six to thirty pages.  Most small businesses can cover all they need in less than fifty pages.  Our manuals took twenty to thirty minutes to read, I would tell new employees to take it home, read it completely and we would pay them for an hour.

Subjects to be covered in the manual should include but not necessarily limited to:

Company Mission Statement
Probationary hire period.
Performance review procedures.
Personal time off/vacation pay accumulation.
Sick leave, Maternity leave, Bereavement leave/pay and which family members it covers.
Disciplinary and Termination procedures.
Benefits, Holiday pay, Company discounts, Meal discounts etc.
Drug and Alcohol policy.
Dress code.
Employment at Will.

Take some Business Advice.

Eliminate headaches, have happier employees, have a Company Policy Manual.


Click on these links for sample copies of Employee Policy Manuals:


"Career Advancement - Business Advancement"