"I am going to have a great day no matter what!!!!!"


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Positive Attitude

Nothing makes the day go better than a positive attitude.  In  “OPEN - UP” training the P in sequence one is for positive attitude.  People ask me how are you today?  Most of the time my response is:      “I  can hardly stand it when it gets this good”!  Often times they look back at me and smile or say “Right”.  If they say “Right” I respond with “It is a great day!  You know what?  I am going to give myself a big hug right now”.  I don’t know where I got the saying from but it works well to reinforce my attitude towards having a great day and like I said most of the time it makes people smile.  Having that demeanor when interfacing with people just makes life much more pleasant.  One day I ran into the former school superintendent on the steps of our post office, I said “Hi Clayton” and he came up to me and said “Hi Tom tell me something new and good in your life”.  Right away I thought now there is a way to get the conversation started right.

We all control our own outlook on life and our outlook on the experiences we encounter.  The other thing I tell myself during the day is “I am going to have a great day and I will refuse to let anyone goof it up for me”.  We control our thoughts, since I have adopted this outlook it is much easier to let negative things go.  Someone does something I don’t care for I just say “Well I guess that is where they are in their life today”.  But.... I am going to have a great day no matter what!!!!